A.G.F Finlease welcomes all visitors to our website which is owned by us and we are delighted to see your acceptance of the “terms and conditions” which have been enlisted, explained, and suggested by us that you must accept “terms and conditions” whatever is required from our side to proceed for the services. With all the permission from the regulatory body, “the Reserve Bank of India” and their guidelines, we request all the visitors to go through these properly, assimilate them and then proceed with the services. Over time, as per the requirements of any changes due to the revision in the guidelines, we can change or revise them from our side, and it will completely be our right.


You must have prior membership to access our services and it is also necessary to submit all the relevant documents to start and sustain the membership. It is strictly announced that in case of a lack of documents, the membership will be terminated as per the rules and hence you must fill up all the mandatory sections properly without any mistakes. All the data and documents required to start the services must be provided at that time.


It is necessary for the clients to be eligible as per the Indian Contract Act 1872 while starting their services with us. So, considering the eligibility criteria, one must be ensured that they are eligible for the services. Further, in case of any incompetency in the eligibility criteria, the accessibility of clients can be terminated from our side to follow the contract acts.

To enhance the services and enrichment of the performance of the website, we send cookies. It is only for grasping and getting the ideas of the apps used in phones, servers, and all. It is only to enhance the services not to misuse your contact details and data.


Whatever reviews or feedback are submitted on the website from your side, like, to appreciate the services, or give feedback, must be based on your responsibility, in other words, it can be said that you must not submit any content or feedback which violates the rules and harm any people, community, political parties, and others. It must be fair and not provoking in nature as per the norms and rules of the expression. It’s imperative for the user to maintain the relevance of their content and all the expression.

We can ensure all the users from our side that the content posted by them will be preserved and not be used in redesigning, rephrasing, or copied. However, it can be revealed for any marketing or advertisement purpose to show the records and proficiency of our services, where we can show our customer’s feedback and their experience with our service.

You must agree with these terms and conditions and accept all these before using our website or providing any content for your feedback.


Although all the content posted on the website is relevant to our services, in case of any requirements for changes or revision as per the guidelines, we can change the content, services, or other existing services from our side. In this scenario, we will revise the services and information of all our existing clients for further proceedings.

However, all the contents are relevant as per our services whatever we provide, and any requirements of changes will prompt us to implement the changing.


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