This privacy policy is the declaration of all the statements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the website and eligibility required for the clients, members and all for a sustainable relationship and services which are provided from our side. To accomplish all the services, we need to get some information from the clients and customers as well. All these have been mentioned step by step and at the same time, we declare that whatever information we get from your side is used for different services like imparting frequent, fast, and transparent services. We collect various information from your side like full name, contact details, email address, residential address, address for the correspondence, location of the phone, IP address, etc.

As per the privacy policy, we request all the clients they must read and understand all the terms and conditions properly and then only proceed for further services. We have mentioned all most every information that what kind of personal information we get from your sides. The list of personal information we get from your side are following.

Chronologically, we reveal all the details and information whatever we get from your side. We get the following information.

Your name

Contact details

Email address

Residential address

Address for the correspondence

Your IP address

Location of devices

Other details for the services requirements

What is the usage of personal information?

All the personal information collected from our site is used to facilitate various services and to enhance them as well. So, we use them for various things like

To establish explicit communication between you and our services

To enrich the services with better performance

To minimize any difficulties in product delivery

To assimilate new requirements in services

For complete transparency in services

All the above themes are there that can require for the services and for the same purpose, we use your personal information. Apart from these, we get more details for different requirements, and these are the following.

Our website sends the cookies to gather some information from your side to have ideas of enrichment of the server speed, accuracy, and other services. So, we send this for your acceptance and to enhance our services. 

Device Location

While connecting through the mobile or laptop, we can get the device location for the ascertainment of the location and better ideas of your locality. It helps us to improve our services.  

Accessibility of devices

We can get the accessibility of multiple parts of your devices like Camera, Microphone, storage, and details of SMS. It is collected to get the services like video KYC and all.

Collection of financial SMS.

We get the details of your financial SMS to keep the transactional record.  

Information shared with third parties.

We share some information with the third party from whom we get various services. We share your details like contact details, address, Email id and all. It is just because of the enhancement of services.

Third-party policies

Since we get services from third parties and share information with them, we assure our customers and clients that it will not be misused at all and it is only for the better delivery of services from our side. 

Disagreement for services

It is all about the choice of the client if there is any disagreement with the terms and conditions, they have the complete right to withdraw themselves for getting the services from our side. 

Contact Details

To resolve any issue from our side or intervention in our services, the clients and customers can directly contact our grievance officer directly. All the contact details are there to solve any inconvenience.

Name: Sachin Sharma

Contact Number: +91 93197 97816

Email ID:


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